Dr. Thomas E. Stone, HD, CNHP

Are there actually cures for cancers? The answer to that will of course depend on who you asking. For certain the guys and gals from the natural and holistic health modalities will be slow in answering, for fear that you might be from the FDA, HHS, or some government police that prohibits the sharing of natural cures of any disease. But the answer that will certainly come is; "Yes, there are within nature many known and proven CURES for cancer, and all other diseases."

The question directed to the people that are raking in BILLIONS of dollars per year just in pink ribbon charity campaigns to "race for the cure" or some other ridiculous slogan, will tell you; "A cure is not far in the future". They have only been searching for the cure for 54 years now, and no closer to curing any disease than they were when 'war was officially declared' on cancer in 1969.

At very most, all the cancer treatment drug and burn and slash industry has to offer is "cancer management". Are there survivors from that modality? Most certainly, I know thousands of "survivors". But, problem is, most of those survivors survive at the cost of organs or other body parts removed, and functions that deprive them of a life of normalcy depleted. And the vast majority of survivals, eventually develop new cancers, sometimes the same cancers, but most frequently multiple cancers at one time. And the survival rates drop dramatically the second and third round with cancer and the treatment of the cancers from traditional medicine. The treatment for a cure from conventional pharmaceutical medicine generally kills the patient before the cancer does! However, millions of people line up for the fund raisers and continue to toss money into that bottomless pit of the cancer research pharmaceutical business.

I have seen thousands of stage four cancers completely cured within only a few short months, and in many situations in merely weeks! And no drugs or barbaric therapies or surgeries were necessary.

Years ago I remember as a child reading reports of the then personal doctor to the president, John Kennedy, declaring that a Native American brew was; "A cure for for cancers, period." Dr. Charles Brusch researched this Native American herbal tonic from 1959 to 1962 extensively, and according to him the thousands of cases he studies were cured. After about 10 years of using the herbal tonic on his personal patients, Dr. Brusch boldly proclaimed; "This herbal tea is a cure for cancer, period. All studies done in the laboratories in the United States and Canada support this conclusion."

It was years later that I personally would be called to the ministry of natural or Holistic medicine. And the things that I learned in my youth from my grandmother (a Cherokee medicine woman) and had learned from various books that impressed me as a child, I would be using this knowledge to help people recover from not just incurable cancers, but other so called incurable diseases. As a child not yet in my teen years, I was following the works of great physicists like Tesla, Planck, Einstein and others that were privileged to hold keys to knowledge and truth.

I was fascinated by the science of such great men as Nikola Tesla, Otto Warburg, Royal Rife, Max Planck, James Sheridan and other magnificent men of science that all confirmed cancer cures were at our finger tips! And to this day I refer back to the research these men of science excelled in. And when I began to study the mind of Dr. John R. Christopher and was mentored by Herman Bussis that I became convinced that there were as many cures from nature as there were diseases that required curing!

For years as I worked almost under ground helping people completely over come diseases that they were told they had no hope of surviving, there grew an army of like minded natural healers all over the USA. And regardless of the promise from the powers that be, the FDA, the HHS and the powerful pharmaceutical controlled AMA to imprison anyone "claiming cures" out side their associations, the numbers of Holistic healers increased. Many incredible people dedicated to helping humanity were actually killed for following their calling. Dr. Royal Rife is an example of a fallen hero. Dr. Meldelson another giant that turned on the conventional pharmaceutical AMA that met with an untimely mysterious death. And then my partner and close friend, Dr. Mona Harrison, mysteriously died only days before she and I were to release a new product line that would revolutionize the natural health industry. Although these giants were murdered, what they taught continued to be practiced and taught by the thousands of Holistic healers that followed the works they did.

Many very successful cancer hospitals thrive and prosper just across the US and Mexican borders. I was sending many patients to Mexico for treatment and therapies that were illegal, and still are, here in the USA. I see frequently people that go to see my friend Dr. Dan Rogers in T.J. Mexico, he puts them on healing foods and noninvasive therapies, and they come home cancer free. His Gersion Plus diet protocol of whole live organic foods, and non invasive therapies rebuilds the sickened bodies and restores them to a place of wellness.

Frequently when Dr. Rogers and I meet, or have conversation over the phone, or on conference calls, he will use the CURE word over and over in the conversation. And the funny thing is, as I jokingly tell him; "We basically do the very same things for our patients, you in Mexico, me here in Las Vegas Nevada, USA, yet you can use the CURE word, and if I did so I would at minimum be in prison. And this is a FREE country?"

The point is this, CURES have ALWAYS been available. Anything God made is not patentable by the pharmaceutical industries, so the all natural God made remedies are hidden from the public, although they know for certain that they work because as Dr. Charles Brusch said that every test done in FDA labs, hospitals, and clinics provided conclusive proof that the Native American herbal tonic CURED every cancer it was put up against. Obviously there is no money in curing a cancer, however, for cancer and other disease management, there can be extreme amounts of money made!

Another case in point; Dr. Jim Sheridan, a cancer researcher, found a liquid food supplement that increased oxygen in the body, and gobbled up cancer cells like little Pac Men eating electronic blips! Actually Dr. Jim Sheridan's official paper concluded that this supplement CURED cancer in up to 80% of all laboratory subjects, WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS! The National Cancer Institute took Dr. Sheridan's studies and did their own research on this supplement, and to their shock, they got even better results in their studies than Dr. Sheridan did!

The 1990 study done by the NCI found that this liquid supplement killed virtually 100% of all cancer cells within 48 hours of treatment. Dr. Ven Narayan who was the head of the NCI research at that time confirmed these incredible results. But because the liquid supplement was all natural and could not be patented, and no profit could be made by the pharmaceuticals off of it, the research and the findings of a CURE were squashed and buried from the public. All the lives lost to cancer since 1990, could those lives be on the shoulders of the NCI and pharmaceuticals that withheld a proven cure? How many millions of children will die horrible deaths because there is no profit to be made in the cures?

The food cancer cure that Dr. Dan Rogers provides all his patients? It is interesting that tens of thousands of cancers eradicated are documented using this whole food protocol. And in Germany there were more than 200 scientific articles written to confirm that this diet sent cancers into complete remission! So how come you have not heard about this diet that cures cancer? Perhaps because the cancer industry that thrives on there not being cures they can not profit from, has covered up and hidden these studies for over 60 years! Dr. Rogers will be most happy to share this diet with you!

At the University of Madrid some serious cancer research went on for ten years, from the mid 1950's to the mid 1960's, using scalar energy, the FREE energy that was discovered by Nikola Tesla, in this study virtually every cancer tumor that was exposed to the scalar energy, went away! An amazing 100% cure of cancer tumors, and yet no one dieing of cancer was made aware of this conclusive study. Why? Perhaps because no profit could be made on an invisible energy that Tesla already had the patent on? And besides that, this ten year conclusive study was done on dogs, and who cares about dogs?

The bottom line is that your body, my body, and even the body of your pet dog and cat are designed by the Creator to completely cure themselves of all diseases, and it is up to us to provide the body the tools it requires to do the job!

This is where having a good health coach is necessary. It can be done on your own, I have known hundreds of people that did it on their own with little or no professional help. But because the vast majority of all people are brainwashed to the extreme, they will do much better with professional Holistic coaching to deprogram them from the pharmaceutical way of thinking.

Dr. Lorraine Day, the MD that had breast cancer and was convinced that the medical profession she had dedicated her life to, could offer her no hope. She turned to the Natural CURES that come from God. Today, she can look back on this lesson in life and count perhaps millions of lives she has inspired to find natures cures as she did. The Holistic protocol I have used for these many years still work, and there will be millions of Dr. Lorraine Day's that turn their backs on conventional science and turn instead to the Creator and His wisdom.

"The CURE is in the CAUSE" has always been a principle in teaching my cancer patients, and people suffering from other chronic and terminal disease. First, as we begin a journey to recovery, we must evaluate how we got where we are, and reverse our steps. The Healthy Habits-USA model teaches as well as provides the tools to take your own level of wellness into your hands.

I frequently tell the people that come to me: "If I had cancer, and was told that the chemo, radiation, morphine and radical surgeries were my only option, I would ask the doctors telling me this, 'If it were your mother, or your wife, would you suggest the same things?' Then, although they most likely will lie and tell you 'Yes', I would watch the body language and see if they maintained direct eye contact."

The vast majority of cancer doctors polled that very question said that they would not use the same therapies on themselves and or loved ones. So, why do they do it to you? One reason is that by professional code of conduct, they have no option. If they are unaware of natural cures, they are still limited by the professional code of conduct to use only the therapies sanctioned by the AMA and the pharmaceutical money making industry to treat cancer and manage the disease until the patients tolerance levels give out.

Healthy Habits-USA has no cures, no magic potions and lotions, and no magic bullets in the form of pills or vaccines. Healthy Habits-USA does however have the all natural options that the Creator ordained as food and medicine for your body. It is the intelligence of your body that will know what to do with the whole foods and the Quantum 3-6-9 Scalar Energy.

Although we do not make any claims of our protocol being a cure, or that mitigation of any disease will happen, or even that we are suggested certain diet and personal habit changes to treat any disease. It is simply this, if by your own free choice you decide to use the Healthy Habits-USA protocol, and by chance your body restores itself to a healthy and vibrant state, then that is merely God's intelligence working in you!

For further information we invite you to contact us. If nothing else, we can pray with you.

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