This is a sample eBook selling Web page. Its purpose is to demonstrate how Secure-eBook works, from your clients' point of view.

Make people want to buy your eBook

The purpose of your eBook selling Web page is to... sell your eBook. This means you will have to give enough interesting information to your visitors to convince them to purchase your eBook.

Give an idea of the general concept discussed in your eBook. Explain which problem or difficulty your eBook will help the reader to resolve. Give enough details to make people feel you know what you are talking about - but not too much so they still find it useful to purchase your eBook.

The power of a strong eBook selling process

After your visitor decides to purchase your eBook, the process must be easy and it must bring an instant gratification. Since the whole purchase process goes through Secure-eBook, your client will get a great purchasing experience.

First, Secure-eBook will ask your client for contact information - this information will later be used to send transaction confirmation and, if the eBook Activation protection method is used, the activation key required to get access to your eBook's full content.

Then, your client will be sent to your preferred payment processor, such as PayPal, to complete the purchase transaction by providing valid credit information.

Finally, the payment processor will confirm the successful transaction to Secure-eBook, which will send a confirmation with, if required, an activation key to your client. The confirmation message will also be immediately displayed on the screen and will show a download link allowing your client to get the purchased eBook. When using the Secured Download protection method, the download link is unique and temporary.

After having downloaded your eBook, your client will get access to your eBook's full content immediately or, if the eBook Activation protection method is used, after having entered the received activation key. All this takes only few seconds and your client is ready to read your eBook.

Allow your visitors to take a look at your eBook

When using the eBook Activation protect method, Secure-eBook also makes it easy to allow your visitors to take a look at your eBook - a sample of it - before purchasing. You could allow your potential clients to download your eBook's sample, which will also include a "Buy Now" button allowing them to purchase your eBook right from the eBook itself.

Click on the button below to download our Demonstration eBook's sample.

See how the eBook purchase process works

On your eBook selling Web page, a "Buy Now" button will be displayed allowing your visitors to directly purchase your eBook. You can click on the button below to experience the Secure-eBook purchase process yourself.

Need more information?

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