Secure-eBook provides everything an author or publisher needs to sell eBooks efficiently on the Web.

Sales Web Page

With Secure-eBook, you get your own Web site and you can manage your content on your own. You can define the pages that will appear on your Web site and have complete control on your content.

The Web site provided by Secure-eBook is based on a blog system which allows you to get known as an established expert in your domain. The blog system allows you to post new articles and invite your visitors to post comments. Blogs are one of the most efficient way to bring visitors to your Web site.

In fact, the Web site you are currently reading is running on the Secure-eBook system!

Fully automated purchase process

When using Secure-eBook, the purchase process of your eBooks by your customers is fully managed by Secure-eBook. You only have to define your products in your Secure-eBook account and configure your account to link it to your preferred payment service, such as PayPal.

Secured eBook delivery

After a client has purchased one of your eBooks, the eBook has to be delivered to the client. Secure-eBook automates the eBook delivery process and makes it secured. Many options are offered to authors and publishers to reduce the chances for someone who did not actually paid for an eBook to get it for free.

Visibility for your eBooks

eBookTika shows many eBooks to people who are looking to purchase them. From your Secure-eBook account, you can easily request for your eBooks to be listed on eBookTika.

If you subscribe to the complete Secure-eBook solution, which includes all that is described above, your eBooks will be listed on eBookTika for free, as long as your subscription is active.

See Secure-eBook in action

You can take a look at how the whole purchase process is managed by Secure-eBook when a client purchases one of your eBooks.